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This specialty hook deserves recognition as it is one of the most common hooks in use today.

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The acutely angled shank aligns the hook's eye and the point for consistent hook-ups. These versatile hooks keep baits snag-free. Light gauge wire guards are most common, with plastic guards and monofilament guards also in use. These can be used for live baiting or for rigging soft plastics when you need an exposed hook that won't get snag in vegetation or structure.

Short strikes are the bane of many fishermen. Trailer hooks increase hook-ups when attached to standard hooks. Typically a soft rubber tube is placed over the trailer hook's eye. The rubber keeps the hook in place and always upright, ready to strike.

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  • These hooks are adorned with brightly colored dressings i. Light spring wire appendages mounted to the hook's eye grabs the soft plastic independently of the hook itself.

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    The spring wire keeps the bait secure and off the shank of the hook for better hook sets. By adding weight to the hook, instead of on the line, finesse baits appear smaller and less clunky. Weighted hooks are far more weedless as they eliminate the sliding weight which can snag in vegetation. These hooks are a combination of a weighted hook and a keeper hook. A keeled weight on the hook's shank keeps large bodied swimbaits swimming straight while a spring wire keeper secures the bait.

    The round bend matches the profile of a single salmon egg. When a salmon egg is placed on one, the hook is cloaked from a fish's view. These hooks, with their built-in leaders, reduce break-offs as the hook is tied without sharp angles. Direct hook attachment keeps the bait from spinning or tumbling for a natural presentation. Many unhappy fish have been introduced to these reapers. Used to catch fish sans bait, weighted treble hooks are thrown and snatched through the water, hoping for a chance encounter with a fish.

    Of course, this method of fishing is only legal in certain regions for certain fish. The relatively straight portion of the hook which extends from the eye to the first bend. The length of the shank helps determine physical weight and the distance from the eye to the hook's point. This distance helps determine the length of bait that can be used with a certain hook.

    Narrow gaps are best suited for live baiting, when hiding the hook is important. A wide gap excels when used with thick-bodied baits where penetration through the baits body and into the fish is required. This is the business end of the hook. In recent years manufacturers have been in a race to develop the "newest and best" point.

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    Whether chisel, trocar, needle, knife edge or rolled--they must be sharp to land the big ones. Assuming the hook's point penetrates the fish's mouth, the barb precludes the hook from backing out. Gone Fishin' blogger Dr. Todd Kuhn explains 21 essential fishing hooks. Match your fishing situation and your target species to the right hook.

    This is Aberdeen 1954 US Army; 280mm Atomic Cannon; The Big Picture TV-249

    View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus youTube instagram snapchat rss. Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Speckled Trout, Redfish The best all-around bass hook, this versatile performer is used to rig plastics in any number of ways. Largemouth Bass These super heavy-duty hooks are thick-bodied to absorb jarring, short distance hook sets.

    Largemouth Bass Plastic frogs have become very popular lately. Mosquito Hook Drop Shot Hook. Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass A slow, methodical, light-line finesse presentation calls for a small hook.

    These are just some of the different kinds of Meetup groups you can find near Aberdeen.

    Weedless Wacky Worm Hook. Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass Wacky worms were the rage a decade ago. Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass First introduced in the s, Carolina Rigging is an exceptional way to boat both largemouth and smallmouth bass. All Gamefish Trebles share three points with a common eye.

    All Gamefish With the recent ground swell in popularity of catch-and-release, the single Siwash hook has gained enormous exposure.

    Panfish, Perch These live bait hooks are made from light wire. Aberdeen Anxiety Meetup Members. Aberdeen Cycle Explorers 56 Explorers. The Aberdeen Singles Club. Aberdeen Science Fiction Book Club. Aberdeen Reflection Group Members. Scally Wags - Dog Walking Group. Party People Aberdeen Members. Girls' Get Togethers Girls. Country Girls Aberdeenshire 47 Rural Ladies. Wine Tastings and Wine Events Aberdeen. Aberdeen Small Business Meetup. Aberdeen Small Business Meetup 95 Members.

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    Creative Word Wizards of Aberdeen. DDN Aberdeen 97 Members. Drink Aberdeen Members. Artemisia Flower Workshop Meet Up. Aberdeen Backgammon Club 29 Members. Free Meditation Yoga Aberdeen. Free Meditation Yoga Aberdeen Members. The Aberdeen Champions - get fit, and be a better person.

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    Startup Grind Aberdeen Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs Club - Aberdeen. Entrepreneurs Club - Aberdeen Doers. ORG Aberdeen Members. Debate Aberdeen Debaters. Aberdeen Technology Entrepreneurs Club.

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