Dating a firefighter

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Their physical prowess coupled with a quick mind and a sense of duty towards the community make for a potent cocktail of desirable qualities which lots of women would like to have in their partners.

So if you are keen on dating a firefighter, here are a few tips to help you along. Click here to see pics and videos of single women and men in your city looking for dates. Look in the right places Pubs and bars around fire stations have always been popular with firemen chilling out after duty or looking to grab a quick bite during the lunch break.

So if you are interested in meeting attractive firemen, you could frequent these watering holes. Other than that find out about community events hosted by fire stations.

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Fire departments in towns and cities often visit schools, libraries and other important places in a neighborhood to talk about fire prevention and other safety issues. Make it a point to attend such events whether alone or kids in tow since these are good opportunities for meeting firemen when they are not stressed and more than happy to interact with members of the community.

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Problems With Dating a Firefighter

Also remember to drop off treats and donations regularly at your local fire station which apart from letting you come across the boys there, would also make you a well-known and welcome face at the station. Volunteer Yet another useful way of crossing paths with attractive firemen is to offer your services to your local fire station. To do this you need not actually get down to firefighting — that can be only done by professionals who have taken and passed the relevant courses — but instead you can look for other ways to help out the brave men who risk so much for the safety of the community.

For instance, you can volunteer your typing services or offer to look after their filing system for a certain period. Every department of public service is bound to have a great deal of paperwork to sort out and your local fire station may be grateful to have someone to help them on this. Once you start frequenting the station, you will surely be meeting many of the firemen on a regular basis and you can easily choose someone single and interesting from among them.


Spruce yourself up One common reason why women want to date firemen is because they are more often than not good looking and physically attractive. Firemen need to be strong and physically fit in order to be able to discharge their duties which could include taking the injured out from a fire or even using their physical strength to break down obstacles. While on the job, they have to maintain their physique by doing some exercises. Beware, your eye candy of a partner will occasionally attract some envious looks from the crowd at the restaurant or the bar.

They Are Responsible and Mentally Mature. Firefighters are there to save people and pets from raging fires.

They are usually the first ones to respond in emergencies such as earthquakes and floods. You can be sure that there will be little to no mental hangups that might ruin the evening when you spend time with a firefighter. You may never experience the problem of amusing them whenever they are bored at work or at home.

Dating a Fireman - Tips and Advice

They make their presence known from time to time though; its just that they know how to spend their time in a very productive manner. They Are Great Problem Solvers. When you have a firefighter by your side, you can be sure that problems are solved in a very efficient and quick manner.

Having someone in your life that you can count on gives a reassuring feeling. They Have Superhuman Senses.

What Nobody Tells You About Dating a Career Firefighter – The Lady and the Firefighter

They are the first responders to an emergency situation, and no other occupation will save that poor kid from a burning building in a single bound than a firefighter. Any photos or videos in this blog post are not owned by the author or the site. Rights are credited to their owner. Click here to see original article: Dating a Firefighter Original image is from: You are commenting using your WordPress.

dating a firefighter Dating a firefighter
dating a firefighter Dating a firefighter
dating a firefighter Dating a firefighter
dating a firefighter Dating a firefighter
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